The Battle of the Back Bar

The Battle of the Back Bar


Anyone who has owned or managed a bar or restaurant knows that the shelf space behind the bar is critical to its performance and profitability. It is a matter of real estate. The limited space dictates the options.

You need the basic national brands for general consumption as well as the trendy products of the year along with all of the basic ingredient brands. You can fit just so many flavored vodkas there without it disrupting the key necessities.

This calls for a plan, which requires the versatility of the secondary products.

The perfect product would be:

Something you could serve as an aperitif
Something you could serve as a shot
Something you could serve on the rocks
Something that you could use as an ingredient
Something you could use as a base for a cocktail
Something you could pour over a sparkling wine as a Mimosa substitute
Something you could recommend as an after-dinner libation
Something your mixologist could use in a layered exotic mix due to its viscosity
Something your chef can use in making sauces for main courses or over desserts
Something that the medical profession claims is also a healthy superfood

All of those options can be found in a bottle of Natural, Hand Made, Artisan Oma’s Cherry Infused Spirits.

“Oma’s is on the back bar at 50 Chicago restaurants each of them have created their own proprietary cocktail using it”  – Don Westhoff Brand Evangelist


  • SCORE: 4.5 Stars
  • Beverage of the Week.
  • Publish Date: 1/24/2018

Selling in the middle $30 range the Oma’s Natural Cherry won’t be found in the bargain bin but its unique flavors and the fact that a little will go a long way make it a reasonable value for cocktail enthusiasts

Oma’s Natural Cherry Flavored Vodka:

  • Appearance: Brilliant ruby to crimson red.
  • Aromatics: The nose is filled with the scents of ripe sweet and tart red cherries supported by accents
    of cherry pit, vanilla, and subtle allspice notes.
  • Flavor: The palate echoes the nose delivering a rich, cherry infused core with a pleasing dose of
    vibrant acidity providing perfect balance and making this lush flavored Vodka nimble and
  • Intensity & Texture: Medium-bodied with an intense cherry core while being perfectly balanced offering just enough sweetness to carry the flavors on the palate.

Analysis: Flavored Vodka is not often noteworthy but the Oma’s Natural Cherry is far from
typical. The bright color, aromas, and flavors add a secret flavor blast to a wide range
of cocktails.

What makes Oma’s Natural Cherry so delicious is the use of hand-picked cherries from an
orchard near Traverse City, Michigan. These cherries are steeped for more than 20 days in
craft Vodka created at the Premier Distillery located in Illinois north of Chicago.

This unique flavored Vodka is made from an old family recipe handed down from Oma (German for
grandmother). At the end of the day the magic is in the simplicity – use quality Vodka and
the best cherries together to create a something that exceeds the sum of its parts.

How to Enjoy

The Oma’s Natural Cherry can be sipped chilled but we love what it brings to cocktails both
simple and complex. Add a dose to a Manhattan or Negroni for a secret punch.

Retail Price $35

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